Amputated Hand Reattached At Rajagiri Hospital

Kochi : Odisa native Samath Digal was admitted at Rajagiri Hospital with an amputated right hand and Head injury on Jan 4th.Surgery was performed and the right hand was reattached with nerves, blood vessels and tendons.15 bottles of blood were administered from the newly started blood bank at Rajagiri hospital , to make up the blood loss, which happened because of the head injury and amputation of hand.

The patient who is a tailor at Perumbavoor is recovering fast and will be out of hospital shortly. Physiotherapy treatment has also started.

A team of Doctors under the Leadership of Dr.Gigy Raj Kulangara (Plastic surgeon)Dr.Manoj Narayana Panickar (Neuro Surgeon)Dr Tom Jose (Orthopaedic Surgeon )Dr Annie Thomas and Dr.Sachin Geroge (Anesthesia) performed the surgery and supervised the whole procedures at Rajagiri Hospital.